Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL

Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL
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are you looking for the other side? 
feel like nothing ever seems quite right? 
are you circling the drain pipe,
getting off on pain like 
you’re corrupted?
i need to know where your loyalties lie 
tell me are you gonna bark or bite?  
do you really want to twist the knife 
in the belly of the monster? 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
and back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off
don’t come crawling back. 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice my life to find you 
angel of the blade 
come and collect us from the night 
暗い (Cry)
another world
this world is so dark that i can’t see 
the future won’t disappear 
but i want to obtain 
another world 
system failure  
is encrypted 
you are modified 
like a virus 
in a lullaby 
artificial ‘til the day you die 
silly programme
you’re corrupted! 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
& back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off 
don’t come crawling back 
you’re on your own. 

さあ 時の
(now, let’s go
and open the door of time)
destroying castles in the sky 
i’ll fight for you until i die 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice it all to guide you 
never have to battle alone 
come and collect us from the night 
this is your wake up call 
we’re going down the rabbit hole 
are you ready? 
i can’t feel you. 
is this what you want? 
this is what you’ll fucking get. 
#BringMeThehorizon #BMTH #BringMeTheHorizonftBABYMETAL #BMTHKingslayer

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  • good old bring me the Horizon much better than their pussy music they have been doing lately

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  • This is just good af

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  • EEtvs: *Babymetal song not available in your country* BMTH: Okay. Thanks BMTH for this gem.

    S TS T16 tundi tagasi
  • @Martin Darken Not to be mean but but you got some lyrics wrong in you're video

    Zaiden HergottZaiden Hergott18 tundi tagasi
  • this shit fuckin BOPS

    Center of the VoidCenter of the Void19 tundi tagasi
  • Never imagined the dude screaming in this song dubs anime in hong kong

    This is a FireworkThis is a Firework20 tundi tagasi
    • Oliver Sykes is the one doing the screams/growls in this song. You're confusing Ladybaby and Babymetal. Ladybeard was in Ladybaby.

      ThrandaylenThrandaylen19 tundi tagasi
  • Кто знает похожие треки подскажите?

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  • Enjoying the intro & Oli's part because it's suitable to be final boss' theme

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  • They should put a warning on this, Do not drive when this is playing!

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  • 日本語きてびびった

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  • New Sound, I Think This Is The Best From BMTH...

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  • The closest we’re getting to old BMTH

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  • Still gimmicky af, but it grows on you like a cancerous cyst.

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  • Do you want me to Dance , swinging my lightsticks, or make a circle pit? Bmth : yes

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  • 1:26

    • J1so0 Turtl3 R4bbit K1m •• J1so0 Turtl3 R4bbit K1m •3 päeva tagasi

    • J1so0 Turtl3 R4bbit K1m •• J1so0 Turtl3 R4bbit K1m •3 päeva tagasi
  • So i heard that BMTH's newest EP was pop, but this is still pretty heavy imo. I really like this.

    PatrickPatrick4 päeva tagasi
    • BMTH have veered into various genres since their first album, Amo is basically a pop/pop-rock effort and the album before that (the one with the umbrella album cover) was also pretty 'light', in terms of heaviness I'd say that some of the songs on Post Human are on par with Sempiternal era BMTH, but musically they're all quite different and there's still a lot of 'poppier' tracks like Obey and that one with that one girl, forgot it's name.

      ogulinogulinTund tagasi
  • the music is great but the video feels 2001 !

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  • What a beautiful, It's not metal it's 𝒎𝒆𝒕𝒂𝒍

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  • One man, who once was imprisoned and cyropreserved wakes up 50 years later. He lost everything because he believed in justice but his superiors follows a corrupt government. And so he goes on a blood-filled rampage against a whole government of corrupted officials in a cyberpunk fusion of Japan and America. Gory, vulgar, explicit in every way and filled with dark, gritty details, plot twists,and betrayals. This is the anime that we need. And this song shall be its opening.

    CIPHERCIPHER4 päeva tagasi

    Danny Isaac Vera PluasDanny Isaac Vera Pluas5 päeva tagasi
  • imagine an anime about a warrior known as the kingslayer fucking up the ones in power with this playing in the background during badass scenes.

    JopeJope5 päeva tagasi
  • I Imagine Doomguy and Isabelle in this song.

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  • Why do i feel so powerful yet so cute at the same time?

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    • my favorite internet conversation>>>>>>

      Annette NavinAnnette Navin19 tundi tagasi
    • This is the only true comment

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    • That's Babymetal. They make you feel like you're holding ice cream in one hand, and a fuckin machine gun in another.

      NuggetNugget2 päeva tagasi
  • Haha i heard this today at work for the first time and its safe to say i completed my job thoroughly for the day after hearing that. Bloody awesome.

    CalmCalm5 päeva tagasi

    Prawira Adhi JatmikoPrawira Adhi Jatmiko5 päeva tagasi
  • #apot #aphrakshunoftruth #est #soverign #nowplaying #tfls #noninewage #COVID19 #VACCINE #evolvedministry

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  • I'm still waiting for a good MV which this great song deserves, yeah like many others here, but also I do find this lyric video is very well made and it's fun to watch the details... you know, the background pattern dances and the lyric letters themselves act like a human with some interesting expression. ;)

    babymetalfanbabymetalfan6 päeva tagasi
  • Jaime Lannister is pleased by this.

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  • Well this is highly satanic.

    Frankie's Fairy Boy Twink ClubFrankie's Fairy Boy Twink Club6 päeva tagasi
  • bro, this is so good. my part favorite is babymetal, the rhythm is so good

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  • 10/10 better be uswd in an anime

    Sean LiaoSean Liao6 päeva tagasi
    • just drag out and fade the main riff after the first chorus for a second or two, boom! 1:30 usual duration for an anime opening

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  • I was searching for Kingslayer videos pertaining to Jaime Lannister but, it seems I found a gem too 😆😆

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  • This is my favorite song of BMTH.

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  • This is a really fucking cool looking music video also babymetal and bmth are perfect together

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  • Okay most of people reading this won't agree with me but I propose it as 9th (MVA) or 10th (War Arc) opening for mha. "System failure" hits harder than I have ever considered it would hit while reading mha. "Wake the fuck up" "Wipe the system" sounds like Shigaraki to me. Mha openings must stop being all candy and happy and get dirty.

    Record of Ragnarok is a pure hypeRecord of Ragnarok is a pure hype7 päeva tagasi
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  • Babymetal is awesome but Bring me the horizon sucks and gay

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    • ?

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  • WTF

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  • Almost sounds like a sequel to Metallica - Master of Puppets with the lyrics: "you’re a puppet  when they cut your strings off  don’t come crawling back  you’re on your own."

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  • This is about Elon Musk, seriously

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  • that intro from 0:25 is top quality shit but the song would sound so much better without those screams ...also the girls bring a rly good rhythm to the song

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  • this is the best fucking collaboration that we don't ask but we needed. I love baby metal, and I didn't hear BMTH but now I become a new fan... I'll get your music now... thx.

    Félix MtzFélix Mtz10 päeva tagasi