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  • Giga chad momentum

    Juice WRLDJuice WRLD5 tundi tagasi
  • beautiful intro🤘

    バリャダレスアルフレッドバリャダレスアルフレッド5 tundi tagasi
  • giga chad only.

    BrunoBruno5 tundi tagasi
  • For anyone wondering what this and somewhere I belong sounds like: It sounds like a fucking 𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿.

    ashiigaramii_ashiigaramii_5 tundi tagasi
  • Отменяю.

    Илья СтрогановИлья Строганов6 tundi tagasi
  • I can't not hear the elephant now 🤣

    Scott FerrellScott Ferrell6 tundi tagasi
  • Doom vibes from 0:00 to 0:24

    Ethan GardnerEthan Gardner7 tundi tagasi
  • 8 years and the FUCK still hits hard. we're going nowhere

    Jeremy T.Jeremy T.7 tundi tagasi
  • babymetal >>>>

    melmel7 tundi tagasi
  • MKULTRA!!!!

    InsanithyInsanithy8 tundi tagasi
  • Я отменяю все планы паразитов в отношении людей!

    Ольга МинасянОльга Минасян8 tundi tagasi
  • simpl dimpl

    Tomorrow SkillTomorrow Skill8 tundi tagasi
  • Sebentar lgi banyak anak tktod kesini

    Haikal NadharHaikal Nadhar9 tundi tagasi
  • Giga chad

    Ninja Da MontanhaNinja Da Montanha9 tundi tagasi
  • getting that linkin park vibe

  • im in the metalcore and screamo and emo phase

    Not a good ChannelNot a good Channel10 tundi tagasi
  • The song is very. Good and really put slot of effort and sad but cool

    Kayebesieh AmaraKayebesieh Amara10 tundi tagasi
  • Dont Forget to use Mediafire kids!..😎

    HelloThisIsMeANormalguyThatHasAChannelHelloThisIsMeANormalguyThatHasAChannel10 tundi tagasi
  • i told myself i would only start listening to this band again (after 4yrs detoxed from it) to workout at the gym but here i am post workout at home vibing on repeat. good old emo times.

    Liv MaritziaLiv Maritzia10 tundi tagasi
  • what Dybala doing in the clip

    NargaNarga10 tundi tagasi
  • Either it's Gigachad, your demons that somehow learned how to swim, or Phil Mahar

    KeradSnakeKeradSnake10 tundi tagasi
  • Anyone else find this because they were looking for stuff about the P E games?

    Jakk FordJakk Ford10 tundi tagasi

    Red CujohRed Cujoh10 tundi tagasi
  • Avg pop fan vs Avg BMTH enjoyer:

    FappuccinoFappuccino11 tundi tagasi
  • Listen out for the elephant 🐘 at the beginning 🤣

    Ian HartleyIan Hartley11 tundi tagasi
  • Found this band from the meme but holly smokes this is great.

    Sam GilliomSam Gilliom11 tundi tagasi
  • does alissic sing on this?

    Matias UppstadMatias Uppstad12 tundi tagasi
  • *I'm just passing out while listening...* _Kendimden geçiyorum adeta dinlerken..._

    Gizem UçarGizem Uçar12 tundi tagasi
  • 8th grade man, Sempiternal was the first album that I was absolutely obsessed with by any band. I thank BMTH for really getting me into full albums and just music in general.

    Wu TangWu Tang12 tundi tagasi
  • I'm big fan!

    NekoNeko12 tundi tagasi
  • I know why your here and you know why your here because your a true man of culture

    AnimeheroAnimehero12 tundi tagasi
  • Pensé que tenía que ver con el juego de Parasite Eve de ps1

    You TubeYou Tube13 tundi tagasi
  • 0:16.

    Roman Flores SalazarRoman Flores Salazar13 tundi tagasi
  • Esta canción es lo maximo

    Melo AndrésMelo Andrés13 tundi tagasi
  • Ah, the human mouth, a 3D animator’s nightmare XD Awesome visuals, love the song!

    Musical UprisingMusical Uprising13 tundi tagasi
  • Nice i love this song ♥

    Radin XportRadin Xport13 tundi tagasi
  • Beeeeeeeest((((((:)

    Man tatalityMan tatality13 tundi tagasi
  • Love video, big hit of nostalgia from growing up with Power Rangers

    Musical UprisingMusical Uprising14 tundi tagasi
  • I dont really like this type of music or care for it. But this song? This i *enjoy*

    One Bushy BoiOne Bushy Boi14 tundi tagasi
    • I dont care

      sᴋᴀʏsᴋᴀʏ7 tundi tagasi
  • POV : Enjoyer

    WhaterFoxWhaterFox14 tundi tagasi
  • Gotta love the edgy ass Linkin park like lyrics. Bmth and lp lyrics are just so direct and speak my feelings so well I love this shit.

    MerijnMerijn14 tundi tagasi
  • Sempiternal ,that' the spirit best album

    Putra PrayogaPutra Prayoga14 tundi tagasi
  • One of the highly underrated musicians

    Never trust WesternNever trust Western14 tundi tagasi
  • *CHUMA*

    Alpha [GD]Alpha [GD]14 tundi tagasi
  • Chap vs virgin

    Zyro ChesZyro Ches15 tundi tagasi
  • can't believe this is 2013, only legends listen to this in 2021

  • Can you phill mahar

    Nathaniel JeremiahNathaniel Jeremiah15 tundi tagasi
  • I just came here to listen to the background music not the actually 💩 song and screams.

    Julian SanchezJulian Sanchez15 tundi tagasi
    • Virgin

      Adam SchorschAdam Schorsch13 tundi tagasi
  • the tune and the beginning reminds me of metal gear solid with the soundtrack of "the best is yet to come"

    Crazy days oll timeCrazy days oll time16 tundi tagasi
  • Everything was great until babymetal came in

    Justin VuJustin Vu16 tundi tagasi
    • Someone is emberassed to hear female voice in a somewhat metal song.

      Marin PerunskiMarin Perunski8 tundi tagasi
    • no one asked

      mcrxbabymetal obsessedmcrxbabymetal obsessed14 tundi tagasi
  • phil mahar

    Harvey C.Harvey C.16 tundi tagasi
  • 1:11からのカメラアングルがめちゃくちゃかっかー。

    流旅人流旅人16 tundi tagasi
  • Average fan vs average enjoyer

    Kemas m faishal KamilKemas m faishal Kamil16 tundi tagasi
  • Cursed thumbnail

    BlyatifyBlyatify17 tundi tagasi
  • Can we all agree that this is an actual good song? People sometimes say meme songs are good because they are from memes, but this shit is actually good

    Sr. WalipaSr. Walipa17 tundi tagasi
  • If you’re here after the meme with dudubbi and erkole you are a clochard

    NicolòNicolò17 tundi tagasi
  • Запрещаю Запрещаю Запрещаю.

    Всем МИРАВсем МИРА17 tundi tagasi
  • sssssssssssssseeeeee e looooooookooooooooo fooooooddaaaaaa, que musica intensaa... BMTH S2 Brasil !!!!

    Lucas Macedo FernandesLucas Macedo Fernandes17 tundi tagasi
  • Can’t believe it’s been 8 years and I’m still playing this masterpiece

    Susan SSusan S17 tundi tagasi
  • I thought this kinda music wasn't my thing.. thanks to a🇮🇹 friend of mine, I can't stop listening to it 👌

    Sam Van den BrandeSam Van den Brande17 tundi tagasi
  • Average consumer

    Shoxxy FpsShoxxy Fps17 tundi tagasi
  • S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit Let's hear it S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit Let's hear it Let's go

    Viral.idViral.id17 tundi tagasi

    Mike FloreaMike Florea18 tundi tagasi
  • *State of the US in 2021 be like:*

    Some Crazy JoJo FanSome Crazy JoJo Fan18 tundi tagasi
  • Giga Chad just entered the room

    yarakstyle91yarakstyle9118 tundi tagasi
  • That's like a red room 😟

    Mari MariMari Mari18 tundi tagasi
  • Can you feel ma heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarth

    Sr Ghost ツSr Ghost ツ18 tundi tagasi
  • 19:28 21 June 2021 🥳

  • Tiktok ruined this song

    Liala JohnsonLiala Johnson21 tund tagasi
  • id rather listen to betoven on repeat than this shitty music

    Gravity JacobGravity Jacob21 tund tagasi
  • average ,,bring me the Horizon- Can you feel my heart" fan: average this music from memes enjoyer:

    Czarek SkalskiCzarek Skalski21 tund tagasi
  • Benedita😂

    Sogo MukanshinSogo Mukanshin22 tundi tagasi
  • Eu vim pelo meme mesmo kkkkkkkkk

    Marcelo HenriqueMarcelo Henrique22 tundi tagasi

    Marcos MasiniMarcos Masini23 tundi tagasi
  • Ваши гадкие планы обречены на неудачу.

    Ирина ГорчаковаИрина Горчакова23 tundi tagasi
  • *When the mc is side character and the heroine is the mc*

    WimpuWimpu23 tundi tagasi
  • Average mp3 fan < Average "just look it up on yt" enjoyer

    Large SpriteLarge Sprite23 tundi tagasi